UltraVNC and the Wizard Configuration – What gives?

You may be wondering how easy it is to use the UltraVNC Wizard configuration policy. Well, I have spent the past few days messing with it so that it’s configurable for my environment.

In a nutshell, the wizard will rarely be enough to deploy as is from the KACE wizard result. At the end of my testing, I ended replacing absolutely every component in UltraVNC to get it to work correctly.

A word of warning though, as popular as UltraVNC is, and as large a community it has… it still is lacking the consistency in operation. I have gotten 90% of it to work fairly consistently with PCs as well as Macs, and have it all working fairly well with KACE.

For my purposes, I decided that if I were to be creating the MSIs and everything customized, then I might as well use Dameware for remote control, (which we already own), and do away with the challenges of UltraVNC.

If you are in the UltraVNC crowd, and are really wanting to deploy that, please check out the UltraVNC deployment guide that I created. It will have all the steps as well as all the scripts that I have written to accomplish the task.

Since I invested the time in research, even though I haven’t used it; perhaps someone would find it useful.

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