Does re-pushing a script to workstations cause the script to re-install?

The short answer to this is YES.

I call the KACE appliance a WYSIWIG appliance. The scripting section is actually as a flexible as you make it to be. If you wrote a script that does not perform any checks before installing, then the script will run and perform whatever the script is written to do, every time it is run.

so, when writing scripts, always make sure to populate your “Verify” section before the “On Success” section.

A quick example for the the UltraVNC installer would probably explain it well. The packaged wizard driven script package within the KACE box does a good job creating the installer and the dependencies for UltraVNC. What it does not do, however, is create a check before installing. That means that if the installer is pushed to 20 machine, and 10 succeeded, then you run the script again, the installer is going to run again, even on the machines that did succeed.

To fix this problem this in this case, there are many solutions, but, the one I decided to use was to verify that the version of the file is less than <version ###> . This served double duty: as long as the file is less than that version, then VNC will not install; the second reason is that it would be very easy now to trigger an update on VNC by changing that version to the next one up, and re-running it, thereby, detecting the need for an upgrade and performing it.

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