It has been a while since my last post. I did, however, run into a problem this morning, that I will share in case anyone runs into this problem.

I get a call this morning from a client, stating that their software is not finding the mapped drives. Without going into much detail there, the mapped drive was being mapped via a Group Policy Preference (GPP). Of course, the first thing I did to trouble was to create a Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP). From the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). Because the rsop.msc does not typically show the GPP results.

To my surprise, Computer Configuration Policies were applied, but not a single one of the 4 User Configuration Policies were applied. This has nothing to do with the setup of the policies, because these same policies have worked for at least 2 years now. There was simply something wrong.

The next step was to go through the Event View (eventvwr.msc) to see if there is anything obvious. Well, nothing pertinent to the GPOs.

So I did what any good admin would do first. Reboot the server affected, which, to my surprise didn’t help this time. So, I decided to reboot the AD server as well, and that didn’t help either!

There was absolutely nothing on google that explained why this issue was happening, beyond the very basics of GPOs (Is it applied to the correct groups? tied into the right OUs?, etc …) None of those were the problem I was seeing.

In that problematic OU, there were 4 policies. 3 of those were used in other OUs, and were being applied, so I decided to mess with the one unique policy to that OU, thinking something was wrong with it.

So, I went to the Policy Objects in GPMC, and then made a copy of that policy itself, and then deleted the original one, and linked the newly copied policy to that OU. 

Apparently, that was the solution. When I logged in with the user again, the User Configuration policies applied, and everything was back to normal.

I have no idea why that even happened in the first place. I’m going to guess, the policy was corrupted, but I thought I would share, in case anyone faces a similar weird problem.

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