If you are a Dell AppAssure user, and happened to have upgraded to v5.3.1.59322, you may have noticed that your interface has become slow, your attachability checks are occasionally failing, and even your replication jobs occasionally failing.

The biggest symptom, however, is that you eventually find that your hard drive running out of space. The reason for this, is related directly to the 59332 build of the core, and the agent, that causes the directory: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys to be populated with tons of files, eventually, clogging up the hard drive space, and the system resource. In my case, I had 7.7 million files in that directory.

This post was much longer than this with specific steps on applying a patch to this issue. However, recently, AppAssure has released a new version of the core (v5.3.60393) which addresses this problem without having to apply manual fixes.

You can look up the AppAssure KB doc that address the problem specifically, and you can look up the release notes for this version as well.

Head over to your license portal, and download the latest version of the core.

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