I’ve been using Dropbox for a long time, and every once in a while, I have problems with it syncing, or getting stuck on indexing, or uploading files, and usually, the solutions that Dropbox provides involve either unlinking and relinking your Dropbox, or cleaning out the database, and allow it to rebuild. Unfortunately for me, after following all of the aforementioned tips, my Dropbox was still misbehaving, and no sync would ever happen.

The solution is a bit of a “think outside of the box” type of solution, but it worked like a charm. Are you ready for it? here it is:

go to Start –> Run… and type:

chkdsk /F /R.

It’s likely that your computer will come up with a message stating that it could not chkdsk while some files are locked. At this point, just allow it to run on next reboot, and reboot your computer.

Once the chkdsk is done, login to your computer, and if your situation is like mine, your Dropbox will work like a charm.

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