Finally got around to creating a brand page for my blog on Google+. I have recently realized that I have been stumbling on so much information, but haven’t really found it to be substantial enough to deserve a blog post on its own. I will use the Google+ stream to post this kind of information, while keeping the blog for posting more lengthy and detailed posts.

I hope you enjoy following this stream, and I also hope that you tell your friends, and participate in any discussions that happen over this channel.

I am adding specific target circles, so that I don’t end up spamming you with information you don’t care about. please state in the comment if you would like to be in any or all the following circles:

– Scripting
– HowTo
– Reviews
– Gadgets
– Websites
– Tools
– Other stuff
– All of the above
If you have a Google+ account, just select “Add to Circles”, and add me to one of yours to see my updates. While you’re at it, I would appreciate if you could also “+1” my brand page.

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