If you’re like me, you are always struggling to figure out which browser to use as your default. As much as I dislike Internet Explorer (though IE 9 hasn’t been as bad, but that’s for another topic), I sometimes I have to use it because of the ActiveX applets that may be needed, or other browser specific requirements. Having a default browser set to your actual preferred browser seems to stomp on these requirements, and force you to perform other lengthy steps and mouse clicks to get where you want.

Enter Browser Chooser: It’s a simple application that installs and sets itself as the default browser, so now, anytime you click on a link, or type in a link in the run command, or Launchy, a small pop up shows up before opening the browser. It looks something like this:

At this point, all you have to do is click on the browser you want to open, and Voilà! your link opens up in the browser of your choosing!

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