Skype LogoAs I usually do occasionally on my phone, I went to the App Store to check for updates. Since the release of iOS 4, one of the main reasons I repeatedly checked for updates was due to the Skype application.
There was  an application for the iPhone called Fring. and in and of itself, is a great app. For a little while, they even supported the Skype protocol, which was exciting. Not too long after its release though, Skype and Fring got into some legal battle, and since then, Fring removed its support for Skype.

Well this morning, my day was made! Skype finally released its iPhone update, which makes Skype iOS 4 compatible. More specifically, allows Skype to be run in the background. I had always wondered what this would mean, for Skype running on the iPhone, when both my cell number AND Skype number are connected to my Google Voice number, the latter of which is the one that I give out to people.

So I decided to do a quick test:

First I opened up Skype and put it in the background, then I called myself on my SkypeOut number. A push notification popped up on my phone with the Skype ringtone, and I was able to pick up the Skype phone call. FTW! I pretty much expected this test to work ok.

The real test, however, was the case where I would receive a phone call on the Google Voice number. I was wondering how my phone would handle this. Well, it was surprisingly good. When I dialed my Google Voice number, my phone’s ringtone actually sounded, the Skype ringtone did not, however, the push notification still popped up for the Skype call, while the cell number was ringing. Granted, the push notification goes behind the dialer window, so I had to reject the cell call, and then click on “Answer” on the Skype notification. At this time, the Skype app was foregrounded, and the Google Voice greeting sounded.

in a couple of instances, when dialing the GV number, the Skype push notification didn’t actually show up, and that may be due to the order in which Google Voice dials, or rather, establishes a connection to my devices. Not really a big deal, and I’m not even sure that there is a way to really make this problem completely disappear. After all, the way I’m using my cell number and the skype number under a Google Voice number is probably not a very common way people will use these services, but in my mind, if the more complex setups work, then, the simpler ones will definitely work.

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