Screen shot 2010-05-26 at 10.07.19 AM If you have a Google account of any sort, you are likely using one of Google’s many services.

One of the issues always talked about regarding Google, is how much data they have on you. Of course, there are things like your “Web History” that you can check out. But if you use Picasa, Google Docs, Gmail, Gmail Contact, Google Voice, etc … there is quite a lot of additional information that Google has about you.

Today as I was looking at my account settings, I found an interesting link, which I had never seen before, and that is your Data Dashboard. If you go to this link while logged in to your Google account, you will see a list of all the services, and an overview of what data you have stored in each of these applications. Quite enlightening, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, by looking there, I found out that I had some files scattered in some Google services that I once tried, like Google Sketchup, and never deleted its content. Imagine what more you may be able to find if you go through this exhaustive list of services, you may be surprised.

Give it a shot and see how much of “you” Google owns.

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