I know I know, this is not a techy blog, but I had to share this!!

I walked into Subway today to grab some lunch, so I ordered a combo of a 1’ Spicy Italian sandwich. As I was at the register, and after she rang me, I remember that I had a discount card for subway.


You probably can’t see what this says, ( you can blame the crappy iPhone camera ), but it says Buy One 6” Sub & a Med Drink and Get One 6” Sub FREE.

Well, here’s what I bought:


As I gave the lady the card to apply the discount, she fumbled, and goes, oh, you can’t use this. you need to purchase them separately, so I said, well, how about you just bill them separately, and apply the discount? She says, (literally), “but sir, you need to purchase a 6 inch and a drink to get the discount, maybe next time”.

I don’t know about you, but this picture, sure does look like there are 2 6” subs, a drink, and a bag of chips. I even exceeded the requirement for getting the discount. Alas for me, I decided to run into a lazy ass employee who doesn’t want to help a customer.

Give me the discount sister, it’s not like it’s coming out of your pocket!!!

Anyway, I decided that I’m not in the mood to start an argument, and paid the $7 for the combo, but at least I got a kick out of it by bashing lazy people, worth my potentially saved $3 🙂

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