I got my hands on a copy of Mac Office 2008, and was so excited to check out the new entourage, since I’ve always had gripes about the lack of functionality of Entourage. Well, turns out that all Microsoft did with Entourage is add a few eye candy features, and shipped it back out. I figured, in 4 years, they would’ve had enough time to invest in sprucing up the functionality to become at least comparable to the PC version. I was wrong!

I am just recently a Mac person, and never really had any bias towards Mac users, but now that I have my own Mac, I will refer to “US MAC USERS”! :-P, we, feel left out.

Here’s my opinion about it though, ever since Leopard came out with the spiffed up version of OS X mail, I’ve been using that with no complaints. ok, maybe a couple, like the lack of a nice archiving system like the PC version of outlook has, and which Entourage STILL doesn’t have! I have not tested full functionality of Office 2008, because I’m still dealing with the initial shock of disappointment!!

At this point, I’m thinking of reverting back to OS X Mail, and using the PC version running Office 2007, on my Parallels VM. cloodgy? maybe, though with the Parallels tools installs, the locations of my files don’t even matter.

Before I finish my rant on Office, I have one more gripe! Pricing!

Hello!? $400??? for the standard version of Office 2008 that actually supports connection to Microsoft Exchange. Hmm… I work for a school district, and when they create a version of office that says on it “Teacher and Student edition” … I would expect all teachers and students jumping on that version, when, in reality, in my case, 100% of the teachers will actually need Exchange functionality! So now, $150 for the retail price of the Teacher and Student edition won’t be enough anymore, and the $399 edition will be required. Granted, educational pricing will probably still be lower than that, I think that the featureset that got offered in this version does not deserve this big hype, and certainly not this high price!

Oh, and I don’t believe I’m the only one that had this issue with Office 2008 for Mac… reading reviews about it, I see these complains all over… Microsoft! get on the ball with Mac users!


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