Zoho OnlineIf you’ve never heard of Zoho, you may be wondering what the heck that subject means. Well, it’s very easy to explain: 99% of users have used an office suite of some sort, whether it be Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, Open Office, or any other product. Unfortunately, up until very recently, most of them were actually offline productivity tools. With the new and upcoming Web 2.0, the world has changed, and shifted to online collaboration and productivity tools.

Zoho Main ScreenIf you are at all involved in the online world, you may be familiar with the Google Docs applications. Zoho is a very similar set of online tools, whose sole purpose is to not only provide a set of application that seamlessly integrate together, but also allow for simple collaboration between groups. The applications range from any thing simple like creating a word document or an excel spreadsheet, to creating a full fledged application with backend database supporting it, using a very user friendly interface, as well as options to script the application manually (for advanced users) using the Deluge scripting language.

One of the very cool features that I personally like about zoho, is that they allow you embed any application, anywhere, they also have plugins for outlook, to collaborate when using their CRM product, as well as other plugins to integrate with other office products, as as facebook.

Now, even you can create something really cool to impress your friends on your MySpace page, or even your professional website, collecting customer’s contact information, or a poll or what have you …

If you are intrigued as to what Zoho can do, you can check out that YouTube video that gives a brief demonstration of the product.


You can also run this search to get a whole slew of additional videos that demonstrate the different products that Zoho offers.

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