TinyPic Alright, so maybe it’s not as exciting a fight as I may have made it sound in the title, but there’s a method to the madness.

You see, a lot of times, I find myself on IM trying to send someone a picture, and it takes forever to do so, for many reasons:

  • Sometimes you are at work, and there is a firewall that blocks / limits bandwidth for sending files or media files
  • Sometimes it is just the mere fact that some of the providers (i.e MSN has a very bad file transfer protocol, which is inherently slow
  • and sometimes, ok , you get my point …..Picoodle

This is when a website like picoodle or tinypic will come in play.

Basically, they are sites that allow you to quickly upload any type of pictures, tag it, resize it, and send your friends a link to that image. the best thing about these 2 services are that tend to support most linking methods. so if you are unfamiliar on the format of a link in order to embed your picture in MySpace, Facebook, your blog or any other location, do not worry, because they give you the list of links, and you can choose the one most appropriate for your needs.

When on IM, usually, you would just use the “Direct Image” link.

now you may ask…. well, which one should I use? well, you can use whichever one you like. they are almost exactly the same, with one major difference however, which could, make or break the deal for you!

Picoodle allows you to login and keep track of the pictures that you uploaded for future reference to their links where TinyPic does not seem to allow that, once you upload the picture and send the link, and navigate away from the page, you pretty much lost the link, unless you saved it on your computer somewhere or bookmarked it. other than that, it’s super simple, try it out, and you’ll see what I mean.

Now…. for people who are interested in still sharing pictures in a more dynamic level and don’t want to keep uploading the whole time they are chatting, there is a solution (unfortunately, it is only for Windows, and I am bummed about that because, I have a Mac). the Software is called “Hello” .. yup it’s that Hellosimple, it’s a part of the google suite, and integrates very nicely with Picasa. essentially it is an IM client just like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, with one big difference, in that it is very media oriented, which means that when you initiate a chat session with someone, a big white screen shows up next to that session, where you can drag photos from your desktop, or your favorite photo browser (Picasa supports sending a picture straight to Hello), the picture will upload and your chat partner can immediately see the picture you uploaded. You can choose to save the pictures as you see them, or just look at them and move on. Also, you can have your buddy “drive” guiding you through the pictures as they explain. So basically, it is a remote presentation of pictures.

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