I saw an article about this Handshake product. I thought it was an interesting concept…

Though, I thought about the idea of having such a product: It really takes quite a while for people to adopt it. There are quite a lot of reasons really:

  1. People are sceptical about stolen identity as it is, much less, having someone have your information at the first handshake (granted, only basic information is given out through the ring)
  2. Having a technology such as this,  requires its adoption by quite a large number of people to be worth it. Some products can be adopted even among a circle of friends, like the Paypal mobile system, but this one, at its essence, is geared towards people who don't know each other, so the user-base has now grown immensely larger. 
  3. The majority of people have issues with using basic technology (yeah, even in our days, I see it everyday in my field of work), much less giving them a state of the art ring to exchange information. People are just starting to get used to putting information in PDAs and cell phones

I think I can rant on quite a while about this. Of course, being an early adopter of technologies, I find the idea extremely cool, just thought of playing devil's advocate on this one… .

Has anyone seen this before? what your thoughts?

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