Today I was having some issues with my growl installation not showing any notifications, which, is, duh! the main purpose of the app! so, I decided to remove it and reinstall it.

To my surprise, going to the growl website returned a 404 – Not Found Error in Firefox. I was very surprised. So I tried to look in google groups for some information as to why this site may be down. again, to my surprise, I only found about 2 posts about it, and they were all the way from November 2007. So now I’m wondering if it’s just me that’s having the problem, or is the growl website really down. and if it is, how come nobody’s talking about it? since I know that this is quite a prominent piece of software among the mac user community.

well, as an alternative, I was able to still get a copy of it from (just search for growl and download it there.)

Alas, that still didn’t fix my problem 🙁 … oh well, I guess onto different solutions… if anyone has any ideas why notifications aren’t happening, or has had some of the same problems, please feel free to share, as I’m sort of stomped…

UPDATE: {request}

So… it’s 2 days later, and is still not available. what is going on? I’m so weirded out that I don’t hear more of a fuss about it. maybe it’s not as important as I thought it was.. Hmmm..

Speaking of which, just in case someone happens to have had this issue before, I had the latest version of growl installed on Leopard (10.5) , and I noticed I haven’t been any of the notifications, as I had mentioned in the beginning of the post, which lead to me losing, I uninstalled and tried reinstalled, but alas, nothing is working, anyone have any ideas? ?

UPDATE: (01/11/2008) 

The Growl website is finally back up! Now all that’s left is to figure out why my growl isn’t working ! 🙂

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