I guess this post is more of a plug to a service I use, as well as an update to my blog site.

If you noticed on the top right, you will see a “Grand Central — Call Me — ” Button. Don’t be fooled, this actually does work. Now I hope that you won’t just pick up and start calling just to see if it works, or I’ll have to start sending them all to voicemail.

I am using this through grandcentral.com, which is a service that was recently acquired by google. Currently it’s in Beta, and I am currently unsure as to whether this will remain a free service, or become a paid service as it comes out of Beta. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the free number, and the benefits that come with it.

If you have not hear about this service, and you happen to have a couple of phones that you carry around, this may be an excellent service for you. In a nutshell, this will give you the opportunity to never have to give our your phone number again, even if you change phones, or phone numbers… are you curious as to how that is possible? Check out their site, they explain it much better than I ever would …


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