Cell phones seem to be quite a cool thing nowadays, and you’d be hard pressed to find one that does not have a camera in it. So why not use your phone to do something other than take the dreaded “myspace” pictures! so here’s a list of things. Doyou use your phone for other things too? please do share!

  • Computer Screen Capture – Unfortunately, you can’t always use the cool screen capture software on your computer, or even the printscreen button on your keyboard to take a screen shot, a good example is if your computer bluescreens, and you want to send the error to your trustee “family technician” :), use your phone to snap a picture of the screen, and send it to them.
  • Remember Dates – If you want to remember a date about a certain event or location, snap a picture anywhere in that location, and the picture will actually be appended with the date and time that the picture was taken. Now you can refer to that.
  • Car Parking – Ever go to the mall, and you’re in a parking lot with a gazillion cars? well, I have, and since I’m directionally challenged, I even lose my car when I park it in front of Albertsons! (don’t judge) 🙂 , so just snap a picture of the location or vicinity where the car is parked, this should help you locate your car when I get out, all excited about the new pants you just bought
  • Scan Printed Documents – If you find an article, new clipping, etc… that would like to preserve or scan, just snap a picture of it, and then use a service liks Qipit or Scan R to extract the test out of the pictures… pretty nify.
  • Replace Pen and Paper – Now that’s a good one. you have this shopping list that is sitting on a paper or anything really, just snap a picture of it and go. This is especially useful if your phone has functionality to zoom in on a picture. otherwise, the picture with text may be too small to be legible
  • Google Maps and Directions – So there are a lot of alternatives to this one, since most maps now allow you to send the directions to your phone, but that is only in a text message, what if you wanted a snapshot of the map? … just go to your browser, press F11 , to get a full screen of the browser, then snap a picture of that map, and voila! (press F11 again to get out of full screen mode)
  • For Security – If you’re taking a taxi, or riding with someone you don’t quite trust, you can snap a picture of their license plate, or in the case of a taxi, you can get the driver’s information, and send it to a friend, just in case anything happens.
  • Shopping Alone – That could happen fairly frequently I guess: if you are shopping alone, you can always take a snapshot of a dress, a shirt, etc that you like, and send it to your friend/girlfriend/spouse, for their opinion. Just be careful with this one, as some stores may consider this digital theft, but in most cases you should be ok.

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