So in the past couple of days i haven’t really posted, since I haven’t really been hearing too much about the situation other than what CNN and all the media says, but that’s stuff that you can read about yourself. Today, and yesterday, I’ve been hearing that the Israelis are starting to reach some of the Christian areas. I’m still not entirely sure about the reason as to why that’s happening, and whether Huzbollah is setting up rocket sites there as mentioned in a previous blog.

A little snippet from my dad’s email today mentioned something about that, so I’ll go ahead and include it here….

[…] As for the war situation today, it is getting into the Christian area where the Israelis bombarded 2 bridges in Jounieh Area, then one in Batroun (Bourj el Fidar) where we had our honeymoon… and Jbeil… on the other hand, the Ouzaai area, and Dahieh, were very heavily bombarded, so today, the streets even in our areas are almost empty. Micha and Pat did not go to work… but I drove down to Beirut as I was promised to get paid by a client… […]

As you can see, business is so bad, that my dad has to risk driving down to work if he is promised a payment by a client.

Of course, all this in happening on a personal level, then on the media level, i gotta say that I’m sick of hearing about the false promises about wrapping this up. If I remember correctly, yesterday there was a promise in the media that there was going to be a negotiation yesterday that was going to wrap things up, but that same promise has happened 3 times now, so we’ll have to see happens.



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