Here’s my thought on the media: they suck. Since there wasn’t anything interesting enough for the media anymore, they dropped the situation Lebanon off the face of the earth. that makes me not want to ever listen to it anymore, because as soon as something slightly more interesting comes up, they move straight to it… oh well..  I still get my interesting news from my dad, so here’s today’s little snippet for that:

As for us here, things are in a freezing mode, and no one can predict what will come next as all are still on the highest alert status, and you hear from one side or the other that they are preparing for another round! So say that it will be regional this time, meaning Iran and Syria can be involved, and there are some news that the “”Lebanese forces”” started to re-train… so does it mean that we will get back to the civil war??  Who knows… 

As for the business, there is nothing still, so I am not going to the office because I don’t want to spend fuel without getting anything back…I go there once a week to see if there is anything special that I should do… and this situation applies to most business in the country…  just for your information, our sales the whole last month was about $ 200 … yes just two hundred, and I had to pay Milia’s salary which is about 3 times this amount not to mention the other expenses… so, this is the situation…. We are opening till 2:00 PM and sometimes there is no electricity, so we leave even a bit earlier…  days pass without a single phone call or a door open which is really depressing! But all is beyond control.

Yesterday, Rami, Nissrine Doris Teta salwa, and Pat and Mich came to us and spend the night and all the day today… and now Nadim and Randa will follow to we can do so food on the saj just to refresh ourselves a bit, and try to be distracted from thinking about the situation we are in ! 

so … do you think it’s over yet? People living in Lebanon don’t seem to think so, so all we can do now is keep your fingers crossed to see what’s going to happen.

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