I got my daily email from my dad this morning, and it sounds that the  bombing is always concentrated in one area, and they are not really feeling much of the effects so far other than hearing the bombs hitting southern Beirut and other areas. 

The website that my dad refers to in the email is pretty informative as it has up to the minute information as to what’s happening. It is in arabic though… there is an English version of it, but not for the update news…

I guess you are expecting to hear something from me about the situation… in fact it started to become boring as no serious action or real changes are taking place on the ground… bombarding is almost continuous especially on the south, and on Dahyeh, and more damage is obvious… more people are being killed mainly those who are moving on the roads. We hear a lot of noises, but nothing serious is taking place in our areas. They bombed empty fuel tanks in Dora, and few trucks at Beirut port, but you can easily tell that they are trying to avoid the Christian areas so far !

We can still find almost ever thing until now though prices for certain items have raised especially food stuff that comes from the south and Becca due to the disconnected roads. Gas and Mazout are getting short, but we can still find benzene. Electricity cut off is better than before in our areas.

I guess this is a brief description of the situation. If you have time, and want to know more about hour by hour changes, you can visit the following website: www.tayyar.org


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