Ok, so you might wondering what’s up with the title.. well .. that’s one of the things that my mom was telling me about when I called her this morning. I would think, if they’re relaxed enough to be able to talk about what our puppy did on the carpet, then it must not be that bad in that area… well I thought right, things really aren’t bad. Reason being, that they don’t live anywhere near Huzbollah bases or people in general. Thank God for that.

They are however, suffering from what the whole rest of the country is suffering from:lack of resources (Gas, food, etc. … )
Another interesting tid-bit I learned this morning was that the IDF is targeting any and all trucks that they see driving on the road anywhere, as they are trying to avoid Huzbollah smuggling more weaponry in to Lebanon. They distributed more of their infamous flyers to warn against driving trucks on the roads. I believe, so far, about 6 trucks have been bombed while driving on Lebanese roads.

My sister was called by her work today and was advised not to come in, so I guess things aren’t too safe in her area. same with my brother’n’law’s shop, which is pretty close to some of the bombing as well. so now they’re both staying at home.

That’s pretty much all the news I have for today.
I have been following the http://www.tayyar.org website pretty closely. unfortunately, the interesting part of it with the minute by minute updates is only available in Arabic, it does have a lot of the up to date news articles that are available in English as well…  (you can look at those if you got tired of seeing, for the 100th time CNNs media-fied news 🙂

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