Today, i received a reassuring email from my dad. Things seem to be ok on their side, and at this time, there’s nothing to worry about, thought things seem to still be deteriorating pretty quickly, so their fine for now. Keep checking for more updates.

I knew that you called, and are anxious to know how things are going here, though I am sure you are watching TV and seeing the disaster here, but non of the news are telling that the Khairallahs are all OK, and nothing wrong is going on in Achrafieh or Joura…. So, please be calm, and don’t worry as we are still feeling safe through this time, all airports, ports and road to Syria are closed, meaning, there is no way to get out of Lebanon.

Pat and Micha has a priority as they have French passports, and the embassy is offering helicopters for them to take them out… but they prefer to stay with us in Joura as it is still safe here. I don’t need to tell you how sever it is in Dahyeh as it became almost flat. They are shelling all major points from ports to bridges, to radars, to airports, to roads, to fuel reservoirs, to wheat stores, to electricity stations, so if they continue like this, we will have to get back on donkeys, and feed from the forests !! the good thing so far is that they are not hitting any Christian areas, though our areas are shaking because of the bombs and missiles. On the other hand, we can see that Hizbullah are hitting rockets into the heart of Israel as well which never happened before. They are shelling electricity stations and fuel stations, and train stations there, which I believe is making the Israelis more aggressive…. The news said that the Israelis are preparing for a commandos attacks which means they will come into face to face fights with Hezbollah, so God knows what will come next!!

I am staying at home for the weekend, and hope if things are still the same on Monday, I will try to go to Beirut as I cannot leave my Dad alone with Zalfa, and every time I call him, I feel mow much he needs me, so hopefully I’ll be down on Monday… and will write you more if there is any new situations…

This is all for now… Just pray for our safety!!

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