I don’t know if “boring” is the correct word to describe this, but it’s starting to feel like this war in Lebanon is just not going anywhere, is it just me or does anyone share this feeling? it’s a bunch of destruction, and lives taken and a country being destroyed, and I’m afraid at the end of it, we’re going to end up at the same spot that we started with. I’ve been reading tayyar.org, and all I read is:

1- Bombing on so and so area
2- So and So talked with this and that person, and are discussing, or are “planning” to meet to discuss the situation in the middle.

**Meanwhile In the Middle East**
Houses are being bombed, civilians are dying, and officials are taking their sweet time to “discuss”.

Ok so now that my personal thoughts are out of the way, here are some facts from my dad’s email today.

[…] As for the situation here, it is sort of calm in our areas, and you can go and come without a problem. We still have fuel, but only the 98 octane (no 95) but still it is OK… you can still find almost everything you want from House Gas cylinders to vegetables (though more expensive due to high transportation costs), bread, meat, etc… but who will eat !! no appetite because you do not feel at ease though I am not looking to the TV any more because they are all a bunch of liars, and they never say what is really true!! In the south and Dahieh, the shelling and fights are still going on, but we can hardly hear them here in Achrafieh or Joura… the only concern we have is if they decide to bombard the Satellite station that we have near our home… I think nothing will happen to us personally, but we will not have any glass left in the house… other than that, all is good.

In Theopolis. Our church are taking refugees from Baalbek and the south and put them in the camp site and offer them food and whatever they need. The youth are cooking for them and offering assistance. Also, the BBS evangelical school in Mousaitbeh also opened their doors for refugees, and Dr. Riad is going there for medical assistance. I offered to volunteer with him in his mission, so if he needs me, I will go…

Camille my cousin and myself discussed the possibility of giving one of the houses in Bhamdoun to any of the refugees, so I told Ali that if he knows someone that needs to use this house, it is available for free…. […]

Please come back for more updates.

Stay cool…


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