Well I haven’t posted any updates in a couple of days, as I had not heard from my dad, and the reason was in his email. Apparently, going down to work (where he has the internet access) is useless, and a waste of money at this point, since gas prices are skyrocketting, and are starting to be available in low quantities. Fortunately, they are still safe, but economically, the situation is horrible, and as far as the war goes, check CNN and you will know about the details on that. Meanwhile, please read below for some details on what is happening wiht my family and their inside information about the situation.

You might have said where is Mich as I haven’t written for few days, but what happened is that I am not going down to Beirut for more one reason… first and main reason is that the fuel delivery is getting less and less, and we have to line up for about half an hour to fill 20 liters…  the second reason is that there is no business at all… the whole day passes without a single customer, besides, there is no electricity for almost half the day, and last thing, Milia is coming as she normally comes on foot, so we are keeping presence just in case.

On the other hand, and as you know, Aahed left about 2 weeks ago, and I have to do all the garden work, feeding and cleaning for the animals and birds, which needs at least 2 to 3 hours daily, plus a full 2 weekend days.

As for the war situation, I am sure you are following up the aggressiveness of both sides. And this Kanna massacre of about 57 civilians which were bombarded by the Israelis, but on the other hand, we hear from many sources that Hizbullah are not allowing the people to evacuate the South as they need them as a human shield, and they are hiding and launching their rockets from inside populated villages !! also they are hiding their rockets in the mosques and churches !!  so, both parties are not playing a fair game!! So far, there is no signs for a cease fire in the near future, and only God knows where we are going… 

Locally, there is a very large part of the Lebanese people who are against Hizbullah, where are there are some who are with him… so we always fear that clashes can start at any time especially that those refugees are challenging those who are taking care of them by putting the Hizbullah flags and the pictures of Hasan Nasrallah the leader of Hizbullah in the schools where they are living at present, and as you know, and especially in Christian areas, this is very irritating, and by the way, even the majority of the Sunnies and Druze are against Hizbullah.

I think we are living a terrible situation, and we do not  know how this disaster will end… so please keep praying for our situation…

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