Today, i called my parents to see what the situation is, and to get the scoop on what’s happening. here’s the inside info…

First of all, they are all safe where they are, as Israel doesn’t seem to be going away from their targets. In fact, I thought it was interested that, before destroying a major target, a plan flies above the target, and drops flyers warning any civilians in the area to evacuate. Fortunately, the Israeli pilots are pretty accurate: My sister was telling me that the bridges that they hit are actually hit right in the middle of it. this is a little hopefuly as it will reduce the risk of civilian homes being destroyed. What I thought was funny, was that the flyers actually had some caricatures of the Huzballah leader, along with the warning of evacuation… we’re glad they have a sense of humor …  🙂

That being said, Israel isn’t sparing a single target on their plan. so far, they destroyed about 62 bridges and freeways, and destroyed all of the harbors along the coast of Lebanon, in Sydon, Beirut and Tripoli, and I think they took out most of the cell phone towers as well.
Bread in the country is starting to lack, as well as some other necessities.

People from Tripoli are migrating towards Beirut, but they’re doing it walking, as all the roads are now destroyed, and no cars can go through.
France is sending boats to get its ambassadors and whatnot back to France, as well as the US. not sure if the 25000 are all going to be taken out of the country by helicopters, but that’s my understanding so far.

My parents seem to be doing fine for now. they said that everything is still far away from them, and apart from the roaring of the fighter planes, and the thumping of the rockets, they don’t really feel much else. The only thing they’re a little worried about is the one power plant by my sister’s house, as it is a stone’s throw away. my sister is still staying at my parents house. they opened all their doors and windows before they left, to avoid them blowing up if indeed the powerplant gets targeted.

At this point, it’s not looking like anything is getting any better. Fortunately, the phones still work though, so at least I can know how things are going on the other side. my dad is still not sure whether to go to work on Monday ….to me it’s a no brainer… I guess there’s still another day before monday, we’ll see what unfolds.

That’s all the news for now, if I find out anything else, I will post it here… keep checking…


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