Props to Sunbelt Software. They revived Kerio Personal Firewall. From reading the news, and before sunbelt software, kerio was going to be discontinued.

For those who never heard of Kerio before (no worries, I’m a newcomer for this software as well). It’s a personal firewall, much like Zone Alarm, which is one of the more popular products.

Most of the features of the Kerio Firewall are free, and until March, they have a deal to purchase the full version of it for $14.95. that’s not a bad deal at all.

Since I recently installed it, I was able to turn off the built in windows firewall, and with the advanced features, KPF gives you a really good window on all the network activities happening on your computer. in a way it’s very educational.  The interface is pretty intuitive to use. and if not, you can always use it in simple mode, and it’ll take of everything for you. if you’re curious, however, go to advanced, and you’ll get a lot of cool features and more decisions to make. I guess that depends on how you like things 🙂

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