Recently, I’ve been reading up on CSS and got more interested in it. I think that the code itself is pretty simple, it’s how you use it that allows you to make a website spectacular.

In light of this, I was browsing some more tonight, and I found this great website that I thought was very helpful because it had examples and what they would like. Here’s the link for it, hope you’ll find it as helpful as me. .

Another site that’s pretty cool is this one: I haven’t looked much at this site yet, but I browsed some of the CSS pages on there, and they seem to also be pretty helpful.

 The first site that I browsed for CSS, where I learned the basics was It has much more than CSS, but CSS is one of them. The high point of this site is that the examples will show you excerpts of CSS code that is dynamically updated on the page. you can edit that CSS code on the page and see what it looks like. It’s great for experimenting. it’s sort of like Developer toolkit for Firefox.

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