MailinatorI was “stumbling” today, and I found a page that allows you to create an email on the spot for those times where you need to register for something in order to download a little utility, or get some information that requires you to register first.

With this utility, all you have to do is create any email address of your choice : , then go to and type in the username you registered with (no need for a password) , and you can see the email that you’re expecting. After you’re done with it, you can just walk away, and leave the email you created alone.

Cool thing about this: No more spam, or wondering whether this service you signed up for will actually use your email address and sell it to a gazillion spammers! Great idea.

Another thing that might go with this that would hopefully allow you to avoid registering is : This one will essentially take some username that some individual decided to give up in the past to login to a site that you don’t feel like registering on. check it out , it’s pretty cool. They have a context menu that fit in most browser, so it makes it really easy to access it.

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