Motorola V710Today, I spent some time reading up on the Motorola V710 from Verizon after rethinking the Treo 650 that I posted about in a previous post. It seems like after a lot of review reading, and my second thoughts about carrying around a huge phone with me that I decided to look for an alternative.

It looks like the V710 seems to have most of the options that all other high end phones have, without the PDA functionality.

As a compilation of pros and cons of the reviews I read, here’s what I can list. I guess I will put an update to this post later when I actually have the phone in hand, and verify the claims:


  1. Great looking screen (stays bright even in direct sunlight)
  2. Speaker sound is very good
  3. Memory Expansion card SD/MMC card
  4. Voice recognition
  5. MP3 player
  6. Decent battery life
  7. Excellent Coverage


  1. Bluetooth is disabled for certain functions unless activated by Verizon
  2. Camera doesn’t seem to work as well in low light condition
  3. It is a little larger in size than a regular featured phone
  4. Front LCD doesn’t seem to be fully customizable with custom pictures

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