Wow.. I was browsing today, and I found this little gadget. I don’t really know how well it works, but if it does, that’s awesome. Central Lock
What it is, is basically a little device that has two pieces, one of them that plugs into your USB port, and the other, you stick in your pocket or somewhere on your body. as soon as your are 2 meters away from your computer, your machine automatically locks, when you’re closer, then it unlocks. if you don’t have the key with you, you can always still unlock it manually.
That’s a friggin’ grand idea. I can’t think of how many times I step away and have to walk back to my workstation just to lock it.


Ok, so I finally went ahead and bought this little gadget. I literally used it for about 5 minutes before I realized it’s absolutely useless.
Unfortunately, I didn’t really find anything good at all to say about it, so here’s the bad stuff I found:

1- The locking mechanism does not use the Windows XP Lock
Of course, I should’ve known that, since I knew that the XP Lock takes a hardware request control key, and therefore is not able to be triggered by a piece of software. Of course, had this been the case, then all the underlying problems with the device would’ve been inexistent a that point.

2- If you are running dual monitors (which I am) . you’ll laugh when the system locks, because the software doesn’t even realize that you have 2 monitors, so when you move away from it, it locks only your primary screen, and leaves the second screen wide open (VERY HELPFUL).

3- Another thing I noticed, and I don’t know if this was user error or what, but with my dual monitors on, anytime I click anywhere on the screen (the 2nd monitor), and/or any thinking happens in the background (i.e someone comes on-line on my IM client, and I get the toast message), the system automatically unlocks. (AGAIN. VERY HELPFUL).

4- Even when I was running just one monitor, when the system locks, it doesn’t feel too safe, and I feel like, if someone spent a few minutes at it, they could hack it no problem (and I’m not a hacker). if the system is locked and you press the windows key on your keyboard, the start menu actually flashes on the screen: basically gains focus of the screen, then disappears. so if you can control the start menu, then you can probably control everything else (provided you can work blindly..) I guess you would have enough control to shutdown the machine without much effort.

Bottom line, this product sucks, I returned it almost immediately. Fortunately, Thinkgeek are good about returning products for a full refund. so… all this cost me was um.. well, the shipping back and forth I guess, and a bad experience with the Wireless PC Lock. of course, and this review, which will hopefully help someone NOT get it if they’re tempted 🙂

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