Reading reviews can be depressing sometimes. here’s what happens, I go on a site that has a review for a product that I’m dying to get, and they seem to be ok, then I go to another site, and suddenly I find 50% of the reviews trashing the product… who do I believe? and would I still get the product?

Treo 650A prime example of this is the lovelykyocera 7135 Treo 650 from PalmOne This is a phone that I finally settled on after looking at quite a few other ones. of course, that’s really not the exact model I’m going to be getting… in fact it’s going to be the Treo 600 instead, because Verizon decided to skip on the 650 model, and to wait for the 700 model, which is supposedly in early development as of today. that was a major bummer, because I was looking forward to the Hi-Res and 320×320 resolution on the 650. well, I guess I can live with the older model, especially that for these 2 features (and video capture) it costs another $100… not sure if it’s worth it.

The other options I did look at are the Kyocera 7135. that one seems to have an older Palm OS on it, and even though the reviews on it were pretty good over all, for some reason, I was having a hard time going with it. one of the major factors was that it did not have any type of keyboard, other than the Palm Graffiti, and my purpose for having the Palm OS on there is for me to try to find some solutions that will make my job a little easier at work instead of having to carry my laptop everywhere with me (yup, I’m a sys admin).

I also saw some other Smart OS phones like the Samsung SPH-i700 and some other phones that are similar to that one, but they were all pretty friggin’ huge!! the Treo was pushing it for me, but for what it was, it seemed to still be pretty reasonable in Size. I looked at the Motorola V710 as an alternative, which seems to be like an awesome phone, of course without any PDA integration though, and seems to be very big.

At this point, I’m pretty much at loss as to what to get. I really want a nice phone, and I’m scared to get stuck with something that, well, the bad reviews turn out to be true… but then again, isn’t this the story with every gadget that we buy? so maybe I just ought to risk it.

Any opinions about this? I can use some help from users of any of these devices….

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