The latest on my endeavours to buy more gadgets has been the new Navigation system for my car. I have an ’04 Toyota Matrix, which I like, Clarion N.I.C.Ehowever, I wasn’t able to get a navigation system in it when I bought it, so I’ve been looking at some alternatives. Magellan Roadmate 700
Two options i found that seem to be on top of my list now are the Magellan Roadmate 700, and the Clarion N.I.C.E (Thanks Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find as many reviews about the Clarion N.I.C.E, not sure whether it’s because it’s a new product, or people just don’t like it, another downside to the N.I.C.E is that I can’t seem to find it in stores so that i can go and take a look at it in person. The features on that device sure seem to be impressive, for a mere additional $200 (amazon is selling the Magellan Roadmate 700 for $999), which is quite a cut on the price from when I last saw it a few months back which was somewhere around $1100.

The reviews that I saw on the Roadmate have been mostly good, but some people complained about the device shutting off on them, and not locking in on the sats for about 5 minutes. some reviews even complained that some of the buttons are really easily pushable, and you can hit an unwanted button by mistake at any time. .

For me, the biggest downside about the Magellan was a problem that has been fixed, and that is the fixture on the A/C vents, fortunately they replaced that with windshield suction cups, which makes the device more stable now.

One thing I’m wondering about the N.I.C.E is whether it also comes with suctions cups, or is there a different mechanism that it can be fixed on the dashboard. unfortunately, I can’t even find an online manual for it. if anyone reads this post, and already has the N.I.C.E, I would appreciate some insight. my plan is to get this device within the next month or 2.
Bring on the comments…. do you have a preference? one over the other? why ?…. help me out here peeps!

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