Since the events in Lebanon started with Syria, Jokes have been going around about Syrians, and I gotta tell ya, they’re pretty funny…. most of them I got in emails from my dad (who’s primary language is arabic). I left the english language as is, as it sounds even funnier imagining the joke being told in an arabic accent, I hope you enjoy these few:

When Lebanon Was Created:

On the sixth day, God turned to the Angels and said:
"Today, I am going to create a land called Lebanon, it will be a land of
outstanding natural beauty. It shall have tall majestic mountains full of
snow,beautiful sparky lakes cutting forests full of all kinds of trees,
high cliffs overlooking sandy beaches with an abundance of sea life."

God continued, "I shall make the land rich so to make the inhabitants
prosper, I shall call these inhabitants Lebanese, and they shall be known
as the most friendly people on earth."

"But Lord", asked the Angels, "don't you think you are being too generous
to the lebanese ?

"Not really", replied God, "just wait and see the neighbors I am going to
give them !"


A big earthquake struck Syria, and one million people killed, so the USA rushed to declare
 that they will send money to help….
France declared sending food, Canada declared sending clothes, Lebanon declared to send one million Syrians
as a replacement !!


Two beggars in Achrafieh started together, after an hour
1st: how much did you get?
2nd: $500.
1st: OOOOh I just got $30, let's exchange our places, they did.

After an hour
1st: how much did you get?
2nd: $600.
1st: OOOOh me just $25 how do you do that?
2nd: what do you say when you beg?

1st: please I'm hungry, homeless ... etc.
2nd: I say I'm Syrian , I have no money to go home.

More to come …

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