The recent events in Lebanon have created quite a spark to the situation of the syrians residing in Lebanon. They also brought up some feelings that seemed to have been repressed in the Lebanese people for quite a long time. (click on the picture for the full album of pictures of the demonstrations)

I think it’s about time that Syria got out of our country, and let us be, for once, an autonomous country. Yeah right, like that’s going to ever happen, but you never know. in the past weeks, there have been some pretty significant demonstrations demanding that syria pulls its troops out of our country. Manifestations

the fact that my family is there, makes me want the situation get better much faster than it actually is. After enduring 16 years of war (part of it with Syria), it makes me cringe when I hear about upcoming friction with the country we’ve had issues with in the past. the thought of being back in war is creepy. Fortunately, the demonstrations of the Lebanese against the syrian presence has been big enough to have an effect. the demonstration was really taken at heart by the lebanese, and ended up gathering more than 2/3s of the population of Lebanon. who wouldn’t be affected by something like that?

From a personal perspective, I was shocked that my family actually went to the demonstrations, this is very unusual for them, as they never really cared about politics. There’s just something the unity of country: my dad was talking to me, and he said: ” Even though Christians and Muslims have had their differences, they seem to have come together fighting for freedom”, and now religious discrimination doesn’t seem as much of an issue anymore.

I will try to keep adding to this category, even though it’s my own opinion about this whole situation, I would think some people are interested in knowing about it, from a personal point of view.

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