A letter was sent to the president of Lebanon on President’s Day, “thanking” him for all he’s done for our country. I’m not really sure whether this was really sent to the president or not, but i know that, if nothing else, the fact in it are all true. Read on:

Mr. President,

I really have to congratulate you for the way you are holding yourself as a Lebanese President; elected!!! To serve and protect the interest of Lebanon and its people. You deserve the ultimate Medal of Honor for your loyalty, we are proud. What can I say?

History is going to remember you as the greatest subservient for Lebanon. It is a great honor really; you should walk with your head high. We are really grateful for the protection of Syria as you keep mentioning. While you are at it, please thank them for protecting us from the Israeli invasion 1982, Thank them for protecting us from Mr. Kamal Jumblat, President elected Bashir Gemayel, President elected Rene Mouawad, Mufti Hassan Khalid, Mr. Dany Shamoun, his dangerous Wife and 2 little kids 1991 in order to stop our protective Syria from destroying Lebanon.

You should also thank them for protecting us against all the innocent civilians detained and tortured in Syrian jails. Thank them for the 15 including 3 women. Thank them for the officer who was asked to lay down flat on the ground while they ran a tank over him. How about the 200 civilians shot execution style after maiming their faces so they cannot be identified??
While you are on the subject, you should also give them a big thanks from all the Lebanese who died under torture in Syrian prisons and the massive grave sites of more than 2,800 skeletons, which was destroyed by the Intelligence (Mukhabarat) as an attempt to dispose of any evidence, Lebanon should be grateful for all their efforts to preserve peace don’t you think.
I have to admire you also, for linking our freedom with the peace process in the region, and the return of Golan Heights to Syria; Why not also link their withdrawal to Abou Sayaf in the Philippines, the Moritania movement in Morocco, the Chessnien rebels in Russia?

Why not go all the way for world peace even. Lebanon should be proud. I was really happy when I visited my country after 20 years, especially seeing the great view in front of the presidential palace the heart of our autonomy. I was really happy with the Syrian posts in front of our Universities protecting the students from openly asking the Syrian to leave the country.
I was full with joy to learn, how the Syrians are protecting our Defense Ministry, it is really a pretty site. However, since they are the protector, why not ask them to have posts in front of every hotel. It would be great for tourism. I also heard, that the green monkeys from Mars are coming down to help the farmers. It would be wise if you ask the Syrians to go on full alert to stop the Martian invasion, how about it.

History is keeping records, and so are we? Have a great Presidency.

Mr. President. Sincerely, A true Lebanese

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